How to measure results in Internet marketing

Measuring the success that your internet marketing efforts have gained is important to determine if internet marketing is working for you, which marketing strategy has been fruitful and profitable and which are not. “Knowing the numbers” helps you to know if e-marketing is worth your further time and effort if your business has been able to attain profit by Google Pay-Per-Click ads or marketing on social platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Measuring Online Marketing Results There are varieties of tools to assess success number of internet marketing. The ones that are primarily used are the following.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics

Social Marketing Analytics

Content Analytics

ROI on Analytics

The internet marketing resulted are measured by activating web analytical code on a website landing pages and conversion forms. This aids in determining the best performing campaign/s, traffic sources, most clicked landing pages, keyword success and offers.

Google analytics give you the exact amount of visitors on your website on a daily basis and help you set parameters to increase no. of visitors per day. It also gives you an opportunity to determine the average time a user is spending on the website or on a particular whether it is the website’s homepage or any content page.

Google Analytics

If you have been investing a lot on SEO efforts, you would surely be eager to know if it is working for your website or not. Here comes Google Analytics once again as it determines the various traffic sources that can be search engines, internal links on article submission sites or direct visits on the website. Google Analytics can guide you about the successful keyword density in your content, and keywords that have pulled maximum traffic.

Social Marketing Analytics  gives an opportunity to know if your marketing campaigns on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn have been fruitful or not. You can determine which promotional activity has garnered maximum interest of targeted consumers or audiences. It helps to analyze the benefit of the amount of time, effort and finance you are putting in online marketing and promotion.

Content Analytics involve the application of business intelligence and business metrics on digital content. It increases the visibility of the content going on the various websites and tracks its performance record.  It helps in identifying the most valuable content and future investment and efforts in it.

ROI on Analytics or return on investment on analytics is a useful tool which helps you to know if the various analytical tools that you are using have been effective enough to convert a visitor into a customer or a lead. This tool uses the conversion reports available on the Google Analytics. learn the complete analyses how to measure traffic by joining the best digital marketing institute in Delhi

The Measurement of Online Results

The measurement of online results includes establishing a baseline against results of digital marketing plan. The measurement parameters include key performance indicators which are set up in a report template.

This gives a business a choice between several report formats, out of which, one can select any as per their preference.

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